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The interface for searching the documents in the content tree can be accessed by clicking the Search (Search) icon in CMS Desk -> Content.


1. First, you need to decide if you want to perform the search using Smart search or SQL search. This depends on the selection made in the website indexes drop-down:


SQL search - you need to select (SQL Search - default); slower, but supports search in both published and unpublished documents
Smart search - you need to select a particular smart search index; fast, but does not support search in unpublished documents


2. Then you need to specify the following criteria:


Search phrase: the text that you are looking for.
Search mode: specifies how the search phrase will be used:
Exact phrase - returns documents where the search phrase is found exactly as entered
Any word - returns documents where at least one word of the search phrase is found
All words - returns documents where all words of the search phrase are found, regardless of their position or order in the text


Click Search. Found documents will be listed as in the screenshot below.


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