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The Media libraries module enables storing of various files, such as photos, sound, videos, package files, presentation files, etc. This means that not only media files, but also other types of files can be stored in media libraries. Media libraries can either be global or related to a particular group.


Main features of the Media libraries module:


Support for storage of large amount of files (photo galleries)
Support for storage of large files (video files)
Each group of users can have any number of libraries
Files can be uploaded to the libraries externally, e.g. using FTP


However, the Media libraries module is not the only way to store files of various kinds within the system. EasySuite 2.0 allows you to upload files (such as GIF, JPG, SWF, PDF, XLS, DOC, etc.) to the EasySuite 2.0 database or file system and manage them as any other content. Another way to achieve similar functionality is to make use of the Image gallery module. Finally, you can attach files directly to documents and thus bind them to a document's life cycle. Please note that both image galleries and document attachments can only be used with image file types.


Please note that media library files are stored directly in the file system, organized in folders. The default location of all libraries of a particular site is ~/<sitename>/media. Each media library is either global in the context of a particular site or belongs to a group.

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