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The Polls module allows you to create, edit and publish polls on the web site created with EasySuite 2.0. The module can display voting statistics in the form of a graph, which represents either the absolute number of votes or percentage. Besides, the module enables you to control whether single or multiple answers will be allowed on the page and you have the possibility to deny multiple votes for one site visitor.


By placing the Polls module on the pages of your website, you give site visitors the chance to vote for certain options. These options can be related directly to the current page, to the contents of the whole website or simply to anything you would like the visitors of your web pages to express their opinion on. Polls in EasySuite 2.0 are customizable and the module supports integration with the built-in WYSIWYG editor.


The polls can be managed in the CMS Desk -> Tools -> Polls dialog. To ensure that the same visitor (using the same browser) cannot vote twice in the same poll, the Polls module uses a cookie.

Page url: http://help.mwnewsroom.com/CMSHelp/index.html?polls_overview.htm